Carbón - administración completa
de este recurso de energía

¡Administración y transacciones de abastecimiento para potenciar al mundo desde la base!

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Energía de la Carbón

Esté preparado para cumplir
con las regulaciones

Nuestra serie de soluciones de cumplimiento regulatorio de la ley Dodd-Frank ofrecen soluciones de primer nivel con beneficios inmediatos para los mercados de energía.

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Take the Plunge: What are the benefits of global cash pooling and controlled disbursement structures?

Case Study on dbcSMARTsoftThis article, published in The Middle East Treasurer, brings insights into Treasury technologies and how firms can transform their cash management practices to achieve administrative efficiencies and cost reductions through cash pooling initiatives.

February 2013

More Than Just ETRM: OpenLink’s Transaction Lifecycle Management

OpenLink's RightAngle Solution for Fleet Fueling and Rack MarketingA reliable energy portfolio optimization system is the cornerstone of any decision support tool providing the necessary information for the well-defined energy business workflow – starting from planning, budgeting via trading to scheduling and balancing. This article gives an overview of OpenLink’s view on extended transaction lifecycle management.

December 2012

OpenLink Fleet Fueling and Rack Marketing Solutions

OpenLink's RightAngle Solution for Fleet Fueling and Rack MarketingOur Fleet Fueling and Rack Marketing Solution is the only fully integrated, comprehensive and auditable fuels supply management system that is equipped to handle the complexities for all of the fuel procurement and supply management needs for the dynamic transportation business.

October 2012

What's in Your Portfolio? Taking the Smart Approach to Gas and Power.

OpenLink’s Renewable Energy SolutionsThis white paper takes a closer look at some of the key challenges in the business, regulatory, and IT environments in power and gas companies. Also providing essential guidance you need to consider in order to take hedging and risk management to the next level across your portfolio.

May 2012

Gas Arbitrage Optimization Solutions

OpenLink's Gas Arbitrage Optimization SolutionsOpenLink addresses "Arbitrage in a Low Natural Gas Price Market", a Point of View paper from Gary L Hunt of Tech&Creative Labs. In response, OpenLink brings a new integrated approach to gas arbitrage and production optimization, with critical and unique components that maximize your ability to truly optimize operating performance with your energy resources.

April 2012

Renewable Energy Solutions

OpenLink’s Renewable Energy SolutionsOpenLink’s Renewable Energy Solutions for Energy, Commodities, Extraction and Production Industries

Jan 2012