Los mejores análisis de riesgo potencian
nuestro Sistema de administración de derivados

Controle sus costos y maximice su capital con nuestra solución de transacciones de derivados almacenadas y procesamiento operacional.

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OpenLink Collateral Management Solution

Premios por gestión de garantías

Los analistas elogian nuestra solución de Gestión de garantías porque ofrece cobertura para productos de activos con una perfecta integración entre las funciones de gestión de garantías y riesgos.

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Solución de gestión de garantías de OpenLink

Esté preparado para cumplir
con las regulaciones

Nuestras Soluciones para el cumplimiento de la ley Dodd-Frank ofrecen soluciones de primer nivel con beneficios inmediatos que le ayudan a cumplir con los estándares de cumplimiento regulatorio de la CFTC.

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Potenciar el crecimiento

Las técnicas y metodologías probadas pueden ayudarle a crear un esquema de programa de Administración de datos empresariales eficaz para su empresa.

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Una mejor toma de decisiones...

a través de una administración integrada de barras. Solución comprobada para los metales que permite que estos negocios administren sus derivados y movimientos complejos de metales físicos.

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Thought Leadership

Take the Plunge: What are the benefits of global cash pooling and controlled disbursement structures?

Case Study on dbcSMARTsoftThis article, published in The Middle East Treasurer, brings insights into Treasury technologies and how firms can transform their cash management practices to achieve administrative efficiencies and cost reductions through cash pooling initiatives.

February 2013

For Commodities Swaps Dealers, Agenda Moves from Definitions to Reporting

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsWith the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) having delivered its long-awaited definitional clarification defining a “swaps dealer”, decomposition and aggregation tools will be needed for trades crossing multiple commodities, as will a flexible framework for potential future rules changes.

April 2012 | Waters

The Law of Increasing Margin Costs Diminishes Returns

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsAs derivatives and cash activities increasingly migrate to central clearing parties, the economics of trading will fundamentally change—costs that were previously implicit and hidden at execution become up-front, visible and potentially larger in magnitude.

March 2012 | Waters

Special Report: OTC Derivatives Processing

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsRoundtable discussion: The automation of buy-side and sell-side firms’ back offices holds the key to them generating an holistic view of the various risks associated with processing complex financial instruments, most notably OTC derivatives. Nowhere is this more crucial than when it comes to managing counterparty credit risk, where early adopters stand to gain a competitive advantage through efficiency gains over the industry’s laggards.

March 2012 | Waters

Improving Capital Efficiency: Failure is not an Option

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsAgainst the backdrop of major regulatory changes, evolving market structure and funding challenges, the economics of derivatives and cash activities are being reshaped. OpenLink’s Mark Abrams explains how a holistic approach to risk management — especially in regard to counterparty risk and collateral management — can play a pivotal role in improving your firm’s efficiency and maintaining its competitiveness.

Feb 2012 | DerivSource

FinReg Drives Tech Upgrades

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsProviders of trading and risk management technology are enhancing their offerings to enable users to comply with the slew of Dodd-Frank rules now being promulgated. OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulations.

Feb 2012 | Markets Media

Valuations: Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of Cleared OTC Derivatives

OpenLink enhances products for compliance with Dodd-Frank regulationsDerivatives clearing via a central counterparty (CCP) should increase transparency and empower firms to use derivatives with greater effectiveness. But while CCP-generated valuations will be hugely beneficial, they will not be a panacea. Is your organization ready for the new market structure?

Jan 2012 | Waters





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